Lean Six Sigma Novel Idea

NI3 & E Program

NI3 & E = Novel Idea, Improvement, Innovation & Execution

What does it mean? The aim of the NI3&E program is to have a sustainable, integrated management solution that enables you to identify your business challenges and guides you in identifying the potential opportunities and to visually manage an environment of continuous improvement.

Why? Novel Idea is transforming the way leading organisations drive business execution today. It is designed from the ground up to integrate with existing systems utilised for execution and follow-up activities, to create a single “closed-loop” process. We empower execution through the transfer of knowledge to enable performance, conformance, integration, improvement and innovation through the delivery of customised solutions.

How? We customise your existing solutions to ensure a standardised approach. We provide the correct/most suitable resources to support the process. We coach personnel in the use of all applicable tools and methodologies in order to execute on your business vision..

Roadmap to sustainable execution