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Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma training is workshop based with specific outcomes. Everyone has a role and we expect substantial project returns. The approach we follow in all our training programs is that specific outcomes need to be delivered. In this process we apply complete applied learning to our training. After training the content is applied back into the work environment. We support the process through consulting and coaching to ensure optimal application to real life projects. Our review and certification process consists of formative (during the learning process) and summative (when ready to be certified) assessments. We believe that Certification is the natural outcome of the right application of the right methodology at the right time with the right support.

The IASSC Accredited Training Organization designation validates the designated party has demonstrated adequate management systems, courseware with a high degree of correlation to the subject matter contained in the IASSC Bodies of Knowledge, delivery schema consistent with such content and highly qualified instructors.

Novel Idea successfully meets the requirements of the International Association for Six Sigma Certification designated as an Accredited Training Organization

The IASSC Accredited Training Associate designation validates the designated party has demonstrated extensive knowledge and experience in the instruction of Lean Six Sigma consistent with the subject matter contained in the IASSC Bodies of Knowledge.


Lean Six Sigma Specialised Training Academy

The Novel Idea Academy enables organisations to achieve greatness. We empower you to keep your promise to your stakeholders through optimising your critical processes in order to deliver results / to deliver projects in order to execute. We start with your strategy and align processes and projects to ensure the execution of the strategy. We facilitate the shift that happens in your organisation by either providing people to manage specific improvement projects, or by developing your star people to manage projects internally. We apply best practice methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma to deliver bottomline results.

59201 National Certificate: Generic Management

General Management (Learning Programme ID 60269)

Strategic Management (Learning Programme ID 74512)

  • Novel Idea’s curriculum for Six Sigma is designed to assist organisations to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. We assist top management with deployment and maintenance of a successful Six Sigma initiative, as well as positioning Six Sigma as the enabler to achieve your corporate and business goals. The Six Sigma curriculum addresses the needs of teams to delivering projects to execute on your organisational strategy.
  • Novel Idea offers exceptional value in the following training courses pertaining to the different methodologies used: Six Sigma DMAIC, DFSS, Strategy, Balance Scorecards, and many more.
  • All of our on-site courses can be delivered at your premises, and many of our courses are offered as public training at locations throughout South Africa. Novel Idea is an accredited Provider with the Service SETA.
  • All Novel Ideas assessors are registered assessors.