Lean Six Sigma Consulting & Coaching Services

Consulting and Coaching modules can include a variety of different applications, methodologies, tools and processes.

We Consult and Coach on problem-solving, process improvement, business improvement and operational excellence, to ensure all role players deliver on their promises.

The Novel Idea Consulting and Coaching models will  assess your business readiness and current status against Best-in-Class Companies. Through this, a best-fit process can be identified for your company’s sustained success.

We develop tailor-made solutions that are specific to your company’s needs.

Extensive Range of Available Models

Executives, Champions, Master Black Belts, Black Belts, Green Belts and Yellow Belts will benefit from structured project coaching and support at predefined stages.

  • Help the Lean Six Sigma Team select, scope, and manage the appropriate projects
  • Enhance the confidence levels of project leaders
  • Ensure the correct application of concepts and tools
  • Maintain the appropriate pace for project flow
  • Assist the Sponsor and DMAIC Coordinator in the ongoing monitoring of project activities
  • Speed up the completion of projects
  • Improve project benefits
  • Increase sustainability of improvements
  • Ensure the transfer of knowledge
  • Executives, Champions and Deployment Leads Master Black Belts will be coached on leading and executing Lean Six Sigma
  • Black Belts, Green Belts and Yellow Belts will be coached through the DMAIC phases
  • Each model is flexible so that it can match the needs of your business
  • Coaching can be done individually and/or in groups and in person or remotely
  • The goal of coaching is to enable Black Belts, Green Belts and Yellow Belts to succeed with their projects and earn a financial gain of at least R2 million for a Black Belt and R1 million for a Green Belt or more for their project sponsors
  • Coach and develop coaching capacity in your business to enable Master Black Belts to coach Black Belts, Black Belts to coach Green Belts, Green Belts to coach Yellow Belts

How it Works

Remote Coaching

  • There is a predetermined time for each phase of the training
  • The coach and Master Black Belt, Black Belt/Green Belt are connected by electronic means; they need not be physically present in the same place
  • Other Black/Green Belts do not assist in the coaching sessions

Group Coaching

  • There is a predetermined time for each phase of the training
  • The coach and Master Black Belt/ Black, Green Belt or Yellow Belt conduct their training sessions together in the same place
  • Another Black/ Green Belt can assist the coaching session, if feasible

When Appropriate

Remote Coaching

  • When the Master Black Belt/ Black/Green Belt and his/her coach cannot meet at the same site because they are working at geographically separate locations

Group Coaching

  • When several Black/Green Belts/Yellow Belts can meet at one site at the same time
  • When a project requires the coach’s physical presence
  • Business environment