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We help you identify your most pressing problems as well as your greatest challenges and opportunities. We then help you to assign these to your best people.

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About the founder

Novel Idea is

Dedicated to becoming the best in assisting Blue Chip companies in the execution of their vision: making full use of all opportunities in order to achieve a simple, structured and focused approach. This will help them to achieve a shift in capability improvement and become World Class.

Novel Idea’s mission is to serve businesses by guiding them towards sustained improvement, innovation and execution of their strategic effectiveness and the efficiency of aligned processes, products, technology and services, in the shortest possible time. Our mission is also to enable our clients to become self-sufficient.

Why Novel Idea

  • Novel Idea’s offering contains all the key components to ensure the successful initiation and deployment and acceleration of Lean Six Sigma based business improvement initiatives.
  • Novel Idea’s offering is packaged in a manner that fits your individual organisation’s needs. Its training is complete yet simple.
  • Novel Idea takes your initiative from start well down the road to sustained success by offering ongoing coaching and assessment services.
  • Real life projects are used during training to allow accelerated understanding of the Lean Six Sigma methodology and project results.
  • Lean Six Sigma Interest group workshops on Six Sigma concepts as well as advanced data needs and analyses.
  • Network capabilities with existing Lean Six Sigma users
  • Novel Idea has a 12 year track record of delivering on all our promises.
  • Novel Idea has extensive experience in South Africa as well as internationally. The Novel Idea curriculum has been favourably evaluated by multi-national organisations such as Honeywell, Barloworld Caterpillar, Schneider Electrical, and Nestle for use by their affiliates in South Africa. This confirms the international standard of the curriculum as well as the quality of material.
  • Novel Idea has been selected by a global business partner to do all their advanced Lean Six Sigma work for the EFES group in Russia; this includes the Senior Management Team as well as teams going through a World-class journey of execution on deliverables. Novel Idea was also awarded the De Beers Tender and completed Deployment and Champion workshops for all plants in the De Beers group.
  • Novel Idea has an exceptional training and certification record. For Novel Idea it is all about Quality and not Quantity.
  • Our facilitators are double accredited as Master Black Belt and Black Belts, with extensive experience in application in a variety of industries and deployments in several countries.
  • Novel Idea continuously develops its material and constantly stays abreast of latest developments. Some of the new programs or content includes the Ultimate Improvement Cycle, Hoshin-Kanri and Balance Score Cards aligned with Goal Trees.
  • Novel Idea has developed a full solution – called NI3 and E (Novel Idea, Improvement, Innovation and Execution) that assists companies on their journey towards becoming a world class organisation.
  • Novel Idea has trained over 2 500 people in various aspects of the Lean Six Sigma journey.
  • Novel Idea is the global Lean Six Sigma provider for 2 international Lean Consultancy groups.
  • Novel Idea has confident that the training material will satisfy the requirements of the new ISO 13053 standard.
  • Novel Idea has provided Six Sigma training in a number of countries in Africa and Russia and has been used as a local provider for multinational companies such as SAB Miller. Novel Idea has also provided training for representatives of companies such as Indwe Risk Management, Vodacom, Merchants, ABSA, FNB and many more. It is therefore clear that Novel Idea is experienced in high volume, transactional (non-manufacturing) and process based organisations.
  • Novel Idea is registered with the Service SETA as a provider. Novel Idea offers a National Certificate in Generic Management as well as 2 learning programs. The benefit is that Novel Idea has the flexibility to customise learning material for a client without scrutiny by international franchising companies or delivery partners such as universities. These learning programs can be funded under the MCEP plan from the DTI for South African companies.
  • Novel Idea has an extensive quality management system (QMS) of ongoing evaluation and continuous improvement. This QMS is also audited by the SETA as part of our accreditation as a training provider.
  • Audits are available for submission if required.
  • Novel Idea’s Executive Director, Tilla van der Walt, is an accredited assessor for achieving formal qualifications in line with the requirements of SAQA. You can therefor obtain formal credits toward qualifications if you attend the Novel Idea programs.
  • The trainers are qualified and accredited themselves, which provides an exceptional level of training. Novel Idea also utilises a network of specialists with industry experience to add value to the training.
  • Novel Idea follows a methodology consisting of the following steps: Training, Application, Review and Certification. Certification occurs after successful completion of a formal exam (formative assessment) as well as submission of two work-related projects (summative assessments). Successful accreditation as a Green Belt will equip the learner to successfully complete the project.
  • To accelerate Strategic Alignment and Acceleration of actions through projects by the enablement of Executive involvement in the organisation causes a culture shift in the organisation itself. It is therefore critical that a formal project management approach is followed. As can be seen Novel Idea works extensively with large organisation as a deployment partner providing evidence of the ability to manage these projects.
  • Novel Idea also provides a bridging program that facilitates moving from Green Belt level to Black Belt level.
  • Novel Idea has created a collaborative forum for Six Sigma users that facilitates networking and interaction between Six Sigma professionals.
  • Novel Idea’s Executive Director is a Certified Coach, Master Black Belt and Trainer as well as a Certified Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma.