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About us

Established in 2003, Novel Idea has built its business out of assisting companies to improve and innovate their organisational performance by increasing efficiencies (doing things right) as well as their effectiveness (doing the right things).

Novel Idea specialises in building operational excellence journeys for companies and individuals. We do this by individually adapting each company’s journey to be what it needs, when it needs it. We focus on the building of capacity – known as Belt development – to integrate business improvement, innovation and problem solving through execution-driven processes.

Which Lean Six Sigma Belt is best for me?

Which Lean Six Sigma Belt is best for me, How do I select the right Program and what does certification as a Lean Six Sigma Belt mean?

Many learners have trouble selecting the right course and associated projects when embarking on a Lean Six Sigma development journey.

A transformative outcome is only possible if we change how we learn, how we work, how we engage with teams, and how we make decisions.

This decision and execution thereof leads to sustainable improvement of our business and processes or not at all.
Novel Idea provides a comprehensive assessment that considers a variety of factors to determine which level is best, taking into consideration,

  • work experience
  • knowledge
  • successful projects delivered
  • individual maturity
  • business acumen.

What we do

Novel Idea helps you to identify your most pressing problems as well as your greatest challenges and opportunities. We then help you to assign these to your best people.

Novel Idea provides training, application, review and certification (TARC) through:

  • Lean Six Sigma Delivery Methods for Training (Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Champion Development and Executive Sponsor Training Programmes)
  • Lean Six Sigma Custom Programmes for Operational Excellence, and Agile Lean Six Sigma execution team for executing results more rapidly.
  • Lean Six Sigma Certification for Master Black Belts, Black Belts, Green Belts and Yellow Belts.

Here, we provide application through coaching and gate reviews, as well as offering certification on the proven ability of the learning outcomes and methodology according to Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Our CORE VALUE proposition is that through your success, our success is guaranteed.

Our ‘Hands On Experiential Learning Programme’ is designed to provide you with an immediate application of the Methodology in the learning programme. This results in the achievement of a level 3 Certification upon the successful completion of the Application Case Study we use.

Ultimately, though, Level 4 and Level 5 Certification should be the only ones chosen by companies and individuals that want to deliver real value to their organisations.

Select the journey that fits

Self-Paced Online Learning
Corporate Instructor-Led Programmes
“Hands On” Experimental Learning
Lean Six Sigma Deployments
Operational Excellence Model
Agile Lean Six Sigma Execution Teams

We help you identify the journey that will help you deal with your most pressing problems and identify your greatest challenges and opportunities. We then help you to assign these to your best people, while providing all resources, support and training, as well as tools and methodologies.

TRUSTED by these happy clients to develop their Lean Six Sigma Belts.

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